My Hajj – Part 6 – Makkah

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My Hajj Part 6 provides an introduction to the city of Makkah and Masjid Al-Haram (home of the Kabah)


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Sa’ee – Standing at Safaa or Marwah (Supplication)

Sa’ee – Standing at Safaa or Marwah

Note: I wasn’t able to find the above wording in the Hadith references I have access to; but am assuming reference [1] (from which I have taken the above) has access to more resources and references than I have. The wording I was able to find in the Hadith references I have access to (Sahih Muslim) is as follows,

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  1. This ‘supplication’ post/sheet only covers what should be said and does not address the actions to be taken (if applicable).
  2. Though this post does not strictly present a Supplication it is still tagged as one to enable easy organisation and access.
  3. Please check with a scholar on the wordings above.


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