Hajj Workshop



A step by step course presenting the basics of Hajj & Umrah,


Dates for Hajj for particular years are as follows,

  • Hajj Dates for 2019
  • Hajj Dates for 2018
  • Hajj Dates for 2017


My Hajj notes including maps, summaries, guides, supplications, checklists (& more),


My pocket size companion for Hajj & Umrah in a clear, concise and practical format,


A list of useful supplications (with audio),

Further Supplications can be found here


Book – I would highly recommend the following reference book,

  • Getting the best out of Al-Hajj (Pilgrimage) by Abu Muneer Ismail Davids

Presentations – Following is a great series of presentations. These are more self contained (i.e. not as heavily reliant on someone presenting or explaining) and they go into further details than we had time for. Happy studying 🙂

  • Part 1 – Hajj Introduction
  • Part 2 – Umrah Step by Step
  • Part 3 – Hajj Step by Step
  • Part 4 – Visiting al-Madinah
  • Part 5 – Annex Glossary

Source: here

Note: Even if you use these presentations, I would still highly recommend that you get the recommended Book (above), which is excellent in it’s coverage and explanation. Also please remember if you are in doubt on a particular topic or not sure of anything please consult with a Scholar.