How To Perform Hajj

Overview & Guide to Hajj Tamattu (in one page)

Following are the “best” actions for completing Hajj Tamattu (from start to finish),

The best way to view this Overview is in the pdf file which can be downloaded from the button below. So go ahead download & enjoy. Happy studying.

[ pdf | <1 MB | f4508b6f62f537fdb17f72d0de3c9fb7 | c72d56aaf3a69ba77a6d8ead9724a1eaee2492e5 ]


Not sure what Tamattu is? These posts can help,

  1. Types of Hajj
  2. Hajj – Types
  3. Hajj – Types (Part 2)


  1. This post is an updated version of my earlier post – Hajj – How to Perform – Overview (Tamattu)
  2. “Getting the Best out of Al-Hajj (Pilgrimage)”, By Abu Muneer Ismail Davids, Published by Darussalam, Second Edition – August, 2006, Chapter 10, Pg. 279. [10004]

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