Hajj Notebook 2017

I am so pleased to announce that My Hajj Notebook (2017 Edition) is ready (Alhamdulillah),

Please visit the Hajj Notebook page (here) to download your very own copy.

The Notebook is jam packed with lots of Hajj related goodness and contains the absolute essentials for Hajj & Umrah including,

  • Definitions
  • Maps
  • Guides
  • Supplications
  • Hajj in the Quran
  • Hajj in the Hadith
  • Checklists
  • Glossary
  • Travel Facts
  • Dates & Times

Hope you find it beneficial. Happy learning…

Hajj Workshop 2017

Hajj is nearly upon us for another year. The Hajj Workshop 2017 page can be found here

It is your one stop shop for Hajj & Umrah learning & preparation – jam packed with guides, articles, how to’s, supplications and much much more.

Alhamdulillah this year I am also very very excited to share an exciting new project with you. For many years I have had the privilege & honour of teaching Hajj workshops at my local masjid – which I love mashAllah. But I have also yearned to create a self contained eLearning course that could be shared with everyone and be available anytime, anywhere. MashAllah with the grace of Almighty Allah it is nearly complete – so inshAllah over the next few weeks will be releasing draft version of the presentations for everyone. So stay tuned … remember to subscribe to this blog (look for the Follow section at the top of the homepage in the right side menu column) to receive automatic email notifications when the course modules are released.

Enjoy … Happy Learning

Dates for Hajj 2017

When is Hajj 2017? – Dates for Hajj 2017

The dates of Hajj for 2017 (1438) are as follows,

Note: The dates above have been not yet been confirmed by the authorities in Saudi Arabia. These dates are based on calculations – please check closer to time for confirmed dates.

[ pdf | <1 MB | 8cad472871ba4805aaf425ea63a0b90e | 52a6dad9a21957c4f55780c96a81ef36a416a41a ]

So you may be wondering how the dates above were arrived at. Good question. First we can calculate the moon phases in August, which is when the month of Dhul Hijjah will start this year inshAllah,As we can see the new moon is expected on the Monday, 21-Aug-2017 at 21:30 (in Makkah). But will it be visible on this day? This is where we have to calculate the moon crescent visibility curves to verify. Moon crescent visibility curves for three days are as follows,

As can be seen from these curves,

  • The moon will not be visible on Mon, 21-Aug-2017
  • The moon will be visible by the naked eye on Tue, 22-Aug-2017. This means that the first day of Dhul Hijjah will be Wednesday, 23-Aug-2017
  • So the first day of Hajj (the 8th of Dhul Hijjah) will be on Wednesday, 30-Aug-2017 inshAllah


  1. “Moonsighting.com”, http://www.moonsighting.com/
  2. “Accurate Times”, International Astronomical Center (IAC)

Back for 2017 / 1438

I can’t believe how quickly time has flown. Sorry for not posting for a while – we’ve been really busy working on some new projects for everyone. The main one is an exciting Hajj (& Umrah) course which covers all the basics. Though it’s not quite finished yet, will be releasing a sneak peek in the next couple of weeks inshAllah. So stay tuned, lots of new posts to come real soon.

In the meantime, wanted to share a photo I took of “The Heavens” (stars) a while back. Really reminds me of the magnificence and beauty of Allah the Almighty’s creation. Subhan Allah!!! Hope you like it.

PS – You may have noticed some of the links on the site are not working. Unfortunately Dropbox (where some of the files are stored) is changing the way it allows sharing, so apologies for any inconvenience – we are working to update everything as soon as possible. But if you are trying to access any of the material and receive errors, please let us know via the contact page (or just leave a comment) and we will get it fixed for you.