Back for 2017 / 1438

I can’t believe how quickly time has flown. Sorry for not posting for a while – we’ve been really busy working on some new projects for everyone. The main one is an exciting Hajj (& Umrah) course which covers all the basics. Though it’s not quite finished yet, will be releasing a sneak peek in the next couple of weeks inshAllah. So stay tuned, lots of new posts to come real soon.

In the meantime, wanted to share a photo I took of “The Heavens” (stars) a while back. Really reminds me of the magnificence and beauty of Allah the Almighty’s creation. Subhan Allah!!! Hope you like it.

PS – You may have noticed some of the links on the site are not working. Unfortunately Dropbox (where some of the files are stored) is changing the way it allows sharing, so apologies for any inconvenience – we are working to update everything as soon as possible. But if you are trying to access any of the material and receive errors, please let us know via the contact page (or just leave a comment) and we will get it fixed for you.

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