Beautiful Names Of Allah

One of my very first posts on The Wahy Project was an eBook on the Beautiful Names Of Allah, which can be found here. Though this eBook is still one of my favorites, I have been wanting to put together a post for everyone for quick & easy online access.

Alhamdulillah here it is … the Beautiful Names Of Allah

(Also don’t forget to check out the original eBook and the links at the end of this post to download a one page summary and the complete audio files)

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1 Ar-Rahmaan The Compassionate
2 Ar-Raheem Most Merciful
3 Al-Malik The Sovereign
4 Al-Quddoos Free From All Blemishes
5 As-Salaam The Giver of Peace
6 Al-Mu’min The Giver of Peace
7 Al-Muhaymin The Protector
8 Al-‘Azeez The Mighty One
9 Al-Jabbaar The Compeller
10 Al-Mutakubbir The Majestic