Beautiful Names Of Allah

One of my very first posts on The Wahy Project was an eBook on the Beautiful Names Of Allah, which can be found here. Though this eBook is still one of my favorites, I have been wanting to put together a post for everyone for quick & easy online access.

Alhamdulillah here it is … the Beautiful Names Of Allah

(Also don’t forget to check out the original eBook and the links at the end of this post to download a one page summary and the complete audio files)

1 Ar-Rahmaan The Compassionate
2 Ar-Raheem Most Merciful
3 Al-Malik The Sovereign
4 Al-Quddoos Free From All Blemishes
5 As-Salaam The Giver of Peace
6 Al-Mu’min The Giver of Peace
7 Al-Muhaymin The Protector
8 Al-‘Azeez The Mighty One
9 Al-Jabbaar The Compeller
10 Al-Mutakubbir The Majestic
11 Al-Khaliq The Creator
12 Al-Bari The Maker
13 Al-Musawwir The Fashioner
14 Al-Ghaffar The Great Forgiver
15 Al-Qahhar The Dominant
16 Al-Wahhaab The Bestower
17 Ar-Razzaaq The Provider
18 Al-Fattah Remover of Difficulties
19 Al-‘Aleem The All Knowing
20 Al-Qaabid The Constrictor
21 Al-Baasit The Expander
22 Al-Khaafid The Abaser
23 Ar-Rafi’ The Exalter
24 Al-Mu’izz The Honorer
25 Al-Muthill The Dishonorer
26 As-Samee’ The All Hearing
27 Al-Baseer The All Seeing
28 Al-Hakam The Judge
29 Al-‘Adl The Just
30 Al-Lateef The Subtle One
31 Al-Khabeer The Aware
32 Al-Haleem The Forbearing One
33 Al-‘Atheem The Great One
34 Al-Ghafoor The All Forgiving
35 Ash-Shakoor The Appreciative
36 Al-‘Alee The High
37 Al-Kabeer The Most Great
38 Al-Hafeeth The Preserver
39 Al-Muqeet The Controller of Things
40 Al-Haseeb The Reckoner
41 Al-Jaleel The Majestic
42 Al-Kareem The Benevolent
43 Ar-Raqeeb The Watchful
44 Al-Mujeeb The Responsive
45 Al-Wasi’ The All Embracing
46 Al-Hakeem The Wise
47 Al-Wadood The Loving
48 Al-Majeed The Most Venerable
49 Al-Ba’ith The Resurrector
50 Ash-Shaheed The Witness
51 Al-Haqq The Truth
52 Al-Wakeel The Trustee
53 Al-Qawi The Most Strong
54 Al-Mateen The Firm One
55 Al-Wali The Protecting Friend
56 Al-Hameed The Praiseworthy
57 Al-Muhsee The One Who Records
58 Al-Mubdi’ The Originator
59 Al-Mu’eed The Restorer
60 Al-Muhyee The Giver of Life
61 Al-Mumeet The Giver of Death
62 Al-Hayy The Alive
63 Al-Qayyoom The Self Subsisting
64 Al-Waajid The Finder
65 Al-Maajid The Noble
66 Al-Waahid The One
67 Al-Ahad The One
68 As-Samad The Eternal
69 Al-Qaadir The Able
70 Al-Muqtadir The Powerful
71 Al-Muqaddim The Expediter
72 Al-MuAkhkhir The Delayer
73 Al-Awwal The First
74 Al-Aakhir The Last
75 AthThaahir The Manifest
76 Al-Baatin The Hidden
77 Al-Waali The Governor
78 Al-Muta’al The Most Exalted
79 Al-Barr The Source of All Goodness
80 At-Tawwab The Acceptor of Repentance
81 Al-Muntaqim The Avenger
82 Al-‘Afuw The Pardoner
83 Ar-Rauf The Compassionate
84 Maalik-Al-Mulk The Eternal Owner of Sovereignty
85 Thul-Jalaali-Wal-Ikraam The Lord of Majesty and Bounty
86 Al-Muqsit The Equitable
87 Al-Jaami’ The Gatherer
88 Al-Ghanee The Self Sufficient
89 Al-Mughnee The Enricher
90 Al-Maani’ The Preventer
91 Ad-Daarr The Distresser
92 An-Naafi’ The Propitious
93 An-Noor The Light
94 Al-Haadee The Guide
95 Al-Baadee’ The Incomparable
96 Al-Baaqee The Everlasting
97 Al-Waarith The Supreme Inheritor
98 Ar-Rasheed The Guide to the Right Path
99 As-Saboor The Patient

Or listen to all the Names together;

Ref: “The 99 Book – Beautiful Names of Allah” (First Edition – August 2011). By Saads. The Wahy Project ( Aug, 2011

[ pdf | ~8 MB | 7b34a3e12d0586358fde0d8143cb398f | a0fcf42ff3cd37bc8ced886a6462a6aca1eb39b9 ]
[ zip | ~8 MB | fd543f018679ae8e3bd6a2c9f73be980 | 185b157a65cdb372d109da2eff7d0daa4cd009a5 ]

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