Hajj – How to Perform – Overview (Tamattu)

I have always wanted a quick one page summary of How to perform Hajj to use as a quick reference. So a while back I put together an Overview flow chart to summarize the steps. I originally drew this in my pocket notebook, but finally have had the chance to refine and edit it into a larger document. Hope you find this useful 🙂

Though I have included the image below, the best way to view the Overview is in the pdf file which can be downloaded from the button below.



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The Islamic Calendar

The Islamic calendar (or Hijri calendar) is a lunar calendar based on the positions of the moon.

  • In every year there are 12 months.
  • In each month there are either 29 or 30 days.
  • Therefore each year has either 354 or 355 days.
  • Each new year falls 10 or 11 days earlier (annual drift) according to the 365 day solar calendar.
  • A month begins by the sighting of the new moon (i.e. first visible crescent).
  • The western convention in designating Islamic dates is by the abbreviation AH, which stands for the Latin anno hegirae, or “Year of the Hijrah“.
  • The 12 months of the Islamic calendar are as follows:
# Name of Month Arabic Pronunciation
1 Muharram
2 Safar
3 Rabi’ al-Awwal (Rabi’ I)
4 Rabi’ al-Thani (Rabi’ II, Rabi’ al-Akhir)
5 Jumada al-Ula (Jumada I, Jumada al-Awwal)
6 Jumada al-Thani (Jumada II, Jumada al-Akhira)
7 Rajab
8 Sha’ban
9 Ramadan
10 Shawwal
11 Dhul-Qa’dah
12 Dhul-Hijjah


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