Adhan (Fajr)

Call to Prayer (for the Fajr prayer)

Did you know that the Adhan (call to prayer) for the morning (Fajr) prayer is slightly different to the Adhan for the other regular daily prayers? Alot of people may not actually realize this. Essentially the wording for the Fajr Adhan is exactly the same as the regular Adhan, except for the inclusion of two additional statements (indicated in blue below).


  1. Further examples of Fajr Adhan (audio from Makkah and Madina during Umrah & Hajj) can be found in my ‘Adhan Recordings’ post here
  2. The transliteration above may not provide an accurate guide on how to pronounce the Adhan correctly. InshAllah I will have another post shortly that covers this topic, but if you are not sure please consult a scholar for the correct pronunciation.
  3. The reference below only relates to the additional statements recited in the Fajr Adhan.
  4. Some further commentary on this topic can be found at OurDialogue here


  1. Sunan Abu Dawud. Volume 1, Hadith #500 (Sahih), pg 305. [10008]

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