Adhan – How To Pronounce Correctly

Common Mistakes in Reciting the Adhan and a Guide to Pronouncing it Correctly

Here at the The Wahy Project, this past week the focus has been on the Adhan (& Iqama). So what better way to end the week off than a Guide on Pronouncing the Adhan correctly :). Alhamdulillah, I got a chance to sit down with my good friend Sheik Mamdouh and he provided an explanation of the common mistakes in pronouncing an Adhan and the correct way to pronounce each statement. Luckily I had my little audio recorder handy – so hope you enjoy listening to the Guide below (to help I have also highlighted the areas of common mistakes in red below).


  1. Sunan Abu Dawud. Volume 1, Hadith #499 (Hasan), pg 302. [10008]

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