Sa’ee – Before Starting (Supplication)

Sa’ee – Before Starting

Proceed to Safaa. Say (when close to Safaa):

Followed by saying:

[ pdf | <1 MB | ee80818fd52a2ffe056ace19d7c554de | 02001f16b18436ceb45f52c342ece723d74cd276 ]
[ zip | <1 MB | 65c9447d3ae216d2d4da532aba3cf31c | 7850d85ee1f6f50c3aceda3759877a8800f41481 ]


  1. The above are only to be said ONCE, that is at the beginning of the Sa’ee and not at the beginning of every lap. [1]
  2. * This ‘supplication’ post/sheet only covers what should be said and does not address the actions to be taken (if applicable).
  3. Though this post does not strictly present a Supplication it is still tagged as one to enable easy organisation and access


  1. “Getting the Best out of Al-Hajj (Pilgrimage)”, By Abu Muneer Ismail Davids, Published by Darussalam, Second Edition – August, 2006, Chapter 6, pg 260 [10004]
  2. “English Translation of Sunan Abu Dawud”. Compiled by Imam Hafiz Abu Dawud Sulaiman bin Ash’ath. Darussalam. July, 2008. Vol 2, Hadith #1905 (Sahih), pg 426 [10008]

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