Niyah for Umrah

Niyah for Umrah (Hajj Tamattu)

“The Niyah should be uttered at the Meqaat or close to it after your transport has started moving towards it.” It is interesting to note this “is the only instance where one’s Niyah is made aloud. All other times any Niyah is to be done by heart only, and not the tongue. To enter the state of Ihraam one must make Niyah for Umrah“, “by saying” the following,

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  1. For Hajj Tamattu “the Niyah for Hajj is to be made later” (please refer to Ref 1 below)
  2. Though this post does not strictly present a Supplication it is still tagged as one to enable easy organisation and access


  1. “Getting the Best out of Al-Hajj (Pilgrimage)”, By Abu Muneer Ismail Davids, Published by Darussalam, Second Edition – August, 2006, Chapter 6, pg 149 [10004]

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