Hajj Notebook

Hajj Notebook (Fourth Edition)

We are so pleased to announce a new edition of the My Hajj Notebook (Alhamdulillah). In this latest edition the format has changed slightly – the Notebook will now be available in two parts,

  • The Notebook itself – Packed with the same great information, but without any year specific details
  • A Yearly supplement – Containing year specific information such as dates for Hajj, prayer times, etc

Please visit the My Hajj Notebook page for both the Notebook and accompanying Yearly supplement.

Like previous editions, the Notebook is jam packed with lots of Hajj related goodies and contains the essentials for Hajj & Umrah including,

  • Definitions
  • Maps
  • Guides
  • Supplications
  • Hajj in the Quran
  • Hajj in the Hadith
  • Checklists
  • Glossary
  • Travel Facts
  • Dates & Times (in the accompanying Yearly supplement)

Hope you find it beneficial. Happy learning…

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