After performing Ablution (Wudu) (Supplication)

What to say upon completing Ablution (Wudu)
Though the wording of the Declaration (in grey below), exists in Sahih Muslim (as per the last post), Tirmidhi [1] reported the following addition (in white below),


This hadith is graded as Daif (weak) in [1]. But the following comment is presented in [1] , “This narration, just with the wording of the Declaration, exists in Sahih Muslim; and the addition of “Allahum-maj’al-nee minat-tawwabeena waj’alnee minal mutatahhireen” [O Allah! Make me one of those who repent in abundance and make me of those who are clean and pure] this addition is proven authentic see Irwa’ul-Ghalil 1/135, and Al-Jami’As-Saghir 1/1112″.

[1] “English Translation of Jāmi‘ At-Tirmidhī”. Compiled by Mohammad Ibn ‘Eisā At-Tirmidhi et al. Darussalam. Nov, 2007. Volume 1, Hadith #55 (Daif), pg 83
[2] “Fortress of the Muslim, Invocations from the Qur’an and Sunnah”. Compiled by Said bin Wahf Al-Qahtani. Darussalam. 5th Edition Apr, 2006. pg 29

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