Going to the Toilet (Supplication)

Invocation for entering the Toilet

[1] “The Translation of the Meanings of Sahih Al-Bukhari”. Translated by Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan. Darussalam.July, 2007.Volume 8, Hadith #6322 (Sahih), pg 189

[ pdf | <1 MB | 3609b436480d77fc7e44ed1a52790b1e | 80edf7ca78f478f2728124b1cf4fae096b88ca85 ]
[ mp3 | <1 MB | 2e9b76c261e0863c32c88f0c2ab0f4e8 | 7e9b36173aa1eb0a37e8583a8a83bd0c5dd3c6fa ]

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