Anatomy of a Supplication Sheet

It just felt like yesterday that I started working on the Supplication Sheet project. Though it has taken me some time to start publishing them, mashAllah quite a few have been released over the past few weeks 🙂 … so thought now was a good time to discuss the format & provide a quick explanation of the layout. So let’s have a look at a sample sheet and break down the different pieces (anatomy):


  • AThe Wahy Project name 
  • B – Is the Supplication ID followed by a Revision number. Revision 0 refers to the originally released document.
  • C – Is a ‘QuickLook‘ box. Here you can very quickly see where the Supplication is from and it’s reference.
    • The top left quadrant refers to where the Supplication is from:
      • [Q] = Quran
      • [H] = Hadith
    • The top right quadrant is only used if the Supplication is from Hadith and refers to the Grading:
      • [S] = Sahih
      • [H] = Hasan
      • [D] = Daif
    • The bottom left quadrant is only used if the Supplication is from Hadith and refers to the Source of the Supplication:
      • [B] =  Bukhari
      • [T] = TirmidhÄ«
      • [AD] = Abu Dawud
    • The bottom right quadrant is a numerical reference to the actual Supplication
  • DCategory of the Supplication
  • ESubtitle (e.g. explanatory note)
  • F – Arabic text
  • G – Transliteration (approximate)
  • H – Translation (approximate)
  • I – Audio (controls to play/stop)
    • If you didn’t realise the audio is actually embedded in the pdf. If you are having difficulty it making it play, please refer to my post on how to configure Adobe Acrobat Reader here
  • J – Reference

Now apart from the Supplication Sheet format above which relates to the released pdf file, the associated Post also has some features:

  • An image of the Arabic text (if you click this it will take you to a high resolution version) that you can download.
  • A link to the pdf
  • A link to the audio file
  • Checksum (or Hash) of the file to verify it’s integrity – [ md5 | sha1 ]

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