Introducing Supplication Sheets

Have you ever wanted to know which supplication to recite before breaking your fast? Or perhaps a supplication for waking up from sleep? How about a supplication specially for guidance?
Have you ever wanted to listen to a supplication to hear the correct pronunciation? Or load it onto your iPod to help you learn it in no time?
Have you ever wanted to read a supplication in large clear Arabic text (rather than tiny fonts)?
Have you ever wanted to make sure supplications were accurate and authentic?

I Have 🙂 … and today am very excited to introduce Supplication Sheets; which will inshAllah meet all the above expectations and much more.

So what are Supplication Sheets I hear you ask they are concise, clear documents on a specific supplication. Not only is the Arabic text provided, but also the English translation, transliteration and audio.

Supplication Sheets will incrementally be released on a variety of topics from Forgiveness to Fasting to Hajj & much more. InshAllah over time we will build a comprehensiveness Supplication library that everyone can use.

But what makes Supplication Sheets different to other projects? Well, a number of features

  • Source references to Quran or Hadith (including grading) are included
  • Large easy to read Arabic text
  • Translation
  • Transliteration
  • Audio of the supplication (by Sheik Mamdouh), to help in correct pronunciation and learning
  • A simple concise clean portable format
  • Easily (high quality) printable

A quick note on nomenclature, when we speak about “Supplications”, we are also including the terms “Invocations” and “Duas” as well.

So stay tuned … the first Supplication Sheets is just around the corner.

(A special thanks to Sheik Mamdouh Moustafa Mahmoud, for recording the Audio).

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