Hajj Workshop 2015



  • Part1 – Hajj Introduction
  • Part2 – Umrah Step by Step
  • Part3 – Hajj Step by Step
  • Part4 – Visiting al-Madinah
  • Part5 – Annex Glossary

Dear Brothers & Sisters – while I work on finishing my presentation (given at the workshop), please find above Presentations used at a previous workshop by AMIC (revised by the author for this year). These presentations are more self contained (i.e. not as heavily reliant on someone presenting or explaining) and they go into further details than we had time for. Happy studying 🙂

Note: The source of the presentations above is [here]. I would also still highly recommend that you get the recommended Reference book (below), which is excellent in it’s coverage and explanation. Also please remember if you are in doubt on a particular topic or not sure of anything please consult with a Scholar.

Reference (Book)

I would highly recommend the following reference book,

  • Getting the best out of Al-Hajj (Pilgrimage) by Abu Muneer Ismail Davids (Book review)


Following is a list of relevant supplications (that were covered in the workshop),

Further Supplications can be found here