Call to Prayer (for the regular daily prayers, except Fajr)

Adhan is the call to Prayer (Salat), which is pronounced loudly to indicate that the time of praying is due. The person who calls the Adhan is called a Mu’adhin. The Adhan consists of specific phrases, recited aloud in Arabic prior to each of the five daily worship times. Following is the wording of Adhan for the regular daily prayers (except Fajr – which will covered separately in a later post).


  1. Further examples of Adhan (audio from Makkah and Madina during Umrah & Hajj) can be found in my ‘Adhan Recordings’ post here
  2. The word ‘Adhan’ means to pronounce and inform, and here, it refers to the particular words by which people are informed about the entry of the time of one of the obligatory prayers.
  3. The transliteration above may not provide an accurate guide on how to pronounce the Adhan correctly. InshAllah I will have another post shortly that covers this topic, but if you are not sure please consult a scholar for the correct pronunciation.


  1. Sunan Abu Dawud. Volume 1, Hadith #499 (Hasan), pg 302. [10008]

[ pdf | <4 MB | 31554dda91fd28404f9773b94b2e3dc3 | 7df6b390acc6913dc31c81a68ea98166f55597e6 ]
[ mp3 | <4 MB | 7ced6da0842d28ed51a0ba5d203896b2 | 6e3c16b6a78d22391afededc33bb04c1f8c4997d ]

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