Introduction to the Arabic Alphabet

As you have probably noticed, the majority of my posts have some form of Arabic in them. Arabic forms the foundation of Islamic teaching & learning – the Quran was revealed in Arabic, Hadith are recorded in Arabic. The importance of this wonderful & rich language can not be overstated.

Unfortunately Arabic is not my first language … so I have always wanted to have a reference or a quick guide on the Arabic Alphabet (especially on how to pronounce the letters correctly).

So when my friends at Roots & Sprouts had a chance to help me with this project – I jumped at the opportunity and Alhamdulillah we have put together a set of quick videos that cover the basics of the Arabic Alphabet – starting at (1) The names of the letters, followed by (2) The sounds of the letters.

So stay tuned – the first video will be out real soon …


Ref: Background image (

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